Megan from Bardney

I have tried many different weight loss products in the past. Some were more successful than others that is why I decided to share with my opinion about Acai. I have noticed that I feel healthier. I cannot say anything bad about Acai. And, of course, I lost 8 kilograms in the last 5 and a half weeks.

Paige from Ware

I decided to start a fight with my weight thanks to my friend. She told me very clearly and honestly to stop crying all the time and to pull my socks up. I decided to start my fight with getting rid of chocolate and exercising more. I was going to have a little bit of pleasure in the form of 1 cube of chocolate but under the condition of exercising more. As something extra I decided to buy Acai berry 900 to make the process of weight loss faster.

First effects I noticed after 1 week. My body became more elastic and firm and the weight was 77 kilograms. I managed to lose first 3 kilograms. Thanks to changed lifestyle I did not feel sore and tired – I felt totally opposite. I did not have any difficulties with many-hour walk and walking up the stairs. I felt much better than before. I took 2 pills of Acai Berry 900 every day mixing it with training either at the gym or at home. The beginning was difficult and the sweat was pouring down like a rain. But I knew that I won’t achieve my dream weight without any sacrifice. I tried to fight with myself everyday getting rid of sweets, snacks or fizzy drinks. I also tried not to eat after 6 o’clock.

After 4 weeks of extreme battle for my slim figure I lost 15 kilograms. I had mixed feelings. On one hand I was full of energy, pride and big happiness that I achieved so much. On the other hand I couldn’t believe that I did it so fast and so easy/ My transformation was notices by my close friends and others what made me really glad. I am not going to stop now of course. I believe I can look much better. Although, today I weight 65 kilograms I still try to lose some more kilograms. I am sure that with Acai Berry 900 it will be easy and pleasant as well. I got to love every single type of physical activity, from long walks through time spent on the swimming pool or at the gym. Good LUCK!

Libby from Shandwick

Using Acai Berry as a diet was my great success. I weight 17 kilograms more in comparison to what I weighted as I was 20 years old. Unfortunately, I did not realize how obesity was dangerous. To be honest, I was shocked while I was shopping for the New Year’s Eve party. We were choosing fancy dresses with my daughters in one of the shops but none of them suited me. I tried on the biggest size but still it wasn’t good enough. I felt like a big elephant seal.

I found on the Internet ( on private blogs and forums dedicated to losing weight) positive opinions and results how effective Acai Berry is. I decided to try. Eventually, an easy, two-levelled process of losing weight was enough that changed my life forever. After one week I lost 5 kilograms, and now after 2 months I achieved my goal and I feel great !